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The Ideal Guided Trip to Norway

Norway is known for its beautiful and natural fjords and jagged coastlines that surrounded the country. Apart from this, there are various glaciers, mountain terrains and endless lush green pastures that have a scope for adventure and travel. Visiting this exhilarating country is very simple and all you need is a Norway visa, which you can get by applying for a Norway Visa online now. In this article we give you a list of the ideal cities to visit on your trip to Norway.


Begin your journey from the city of Oslo, where the fjords are common and endless pastures of woodland can give you the opportunity to get lost in. This capital of Norway has a unique and wonderful blend of an ancient rich historic culture and a new urban mix. With various exotic museums that are dedicated to the famous art which comprises of the Edvard Munch’s the scream, as well as other spots like the Shi Museum and Viking history, this city will take you on a nostalgic journey down history. You can also look forward to a visit of the Oslo opera house for a night of classy opera musiconce you receive your visa after following the Norway visa process.


This beautiful and charming city is located with seven hills and fjord each. The Bryggen is a must visit apart from being a UNESCO world heritage listen structure. The bubbling Vagen Harbor stands proudly in the center with hillsides surrounding it and wooden houses scattered around the house. To get an exceptional view of this charming location, you can take a ride in the cable car and enjoy the woodland and fjord clad horizon. Just apply for the Norway visa online and you will be ready to go.


This city is known for its lively cultural life and overflowing colorful streets. With its picturesque snowcapped peaks against the clear skies of crystal blue, this location makes an excellent hiking location for summer and skiing and dog – sledding in winter. There are a few iconic landmark structures like the Tromsø Museum University, where a well-documented and presented display of traditional and modern Sami life with its religious art and paraphernalia attract visitors from around the country and the world. All that is keeping you from this experience is the process of submitting your Norway visa application form!

To visit the beautiful land of Norway, you will need to a Norway visa. The application for the visa process is very simple and does not take more than a few days. You also have an option of applying for the visa online. In order to start the Norway Visa Process, you will need to submit your passport, the visa application form,the necessary documents, 2 passport size photographs and the copy of your tickets. If you are applying for a Norway Visa online, you will have to get a printout of the application form. If your Norway Visa Process is done perfectly, you will receive your visa with no trouble and have an excellent trip waiting for you!

What Makes Andorra a Superb School Ski Trip Destination

A school ski trip is an excellent opportunity for young people not only to rise to a highly rewarding physical challenge, but also to explore a new corner of the globe – which is one reason that Andorra, a small country located between Spain and France, is an excellent destination for such a trip. Here, students will be introduced to a new culture while enjoying all the fun of winter sports. There are several excellent resorts in Andorra, including the beautiful Grandvalira, the largest resort to be found in the Pyrenees. It is of especial interest to school groups, thanks to its high-tech and ecologically minded design, as well as its enjoyable ambience and, of course, great slopes. Read on to learn more about this first-class winter destination.

The Area

School ski trip groups who visit Granvalira will find themselves surrounded by spectacular mountain vistas and welcoming Andorran culture. A large ski area incorporating several resorts, including Pas de la Casa, Soldeu, Arcalis, Arinsal and Pal, it is also full of picturesque villages that visitors can explore in order to gain an appreciation of the country’s history, attractive architecture, pristine landscapes, and easygoing atmosphere. It is also a great place for language learners, as French and Spanish are widely spoken in addition to the official national language of Catalan.

The Slopes

Granvalira is an especially rewarding school ski trip destination for groups including beginner and intermediate skiers, thanks to its many excellent nursery slopes and variety of green and blue runs, which allow students to learn the basics before progressing to more developed courses that will test their new skills or help them to advance from one level to the next. With over 210 kilometres of piste available, there are plenty of routes to keep even the fastest of learners occupied – while the integrated lift network will allow the more advanced to venture further afield and take on new challenges.

Other Activities

Developing their skills may be the main focus for students on a school ski trip, but it is an activity that needs to be complemented by others – including alternative physical exercises to help wind down the muscles, and entertainment to help relax both body and mind before returning to the slopes. As well as skiing, visitors to Granvalira can enjoy plenty of other wintry activities, including snowshoeing and ice skating. There is even the option to take a tour of the surrounding countryside via dog-pulled sled. When it comes to evening entertainment, meanwhile, school groups are spoiled for choice with the range of activities offered in all of the area’s resorts, such as bowling, swimming in thermal baths, or joining other young visitors for a disco.