Holiday to Adventurous Cape Town

Cape Town- an insight:

Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa. Its unique charm and charismatic surroundings makes it a popular tourist destination. Located at the south-west corner of the territory, it is the second largest city of South Africa and has everything to serve its tourists of different age group and taste. Many online travel agencies offer cheap flight tickets to Cape Town that makes it quite convenient for tourists to descend here affordably. Some people know this city for its beauty, some for its liveliness, some for its plethora of shopping options and some for its adventurous alternatives. This article highlights the major spine- tingling attractions of this adventurous metropolis.

Climbing the Table Mountain

Table Mountain is the identity of this beautiful place. Its majestic presence at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean is mesmerizing. Situated at the height of 1086 meters, the mountain is domicile for diverse species of flora and fauna. From the top of the mountain you can get the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Cape Town. Tourists love to explore the actual charm of the city either by hiking to the top or by taking the Cable Car that very conveniently takes them to the tip of the Table Mountain.


As per the frequent surfers, Cape Town is the best place to surf at. Pristine beaches and all year round soothing climate adds on to the fun of surfing. You don’t have to be a master of surfing to try this water sports activity, because this city has an art of turning any non- experienced surfer into a well trained one.

Wine lands

Wine lands of this south African destination are known for its serenity and rejuvenating environment. While exploring the wine region of the city, you will realize that alike other wine yards in the world, the ones in Cape Town are quite different. They are not limited to long walks, picnicking, wine-tasting or slow drive, as hither you can try out an unusual experience of golfing, fine dining and spa.


Due to the location at the coasts of two oceans- Indian and Atlantic, the city offers amazing diving experiences to its visitors. Colorful underwater world, with never seen underwater species makes your diving go through as the most memorable one.


No visit to any South African city is said to be complete without undergoing its safari rides. Cape Town is blessed with diverse biospheres that interests people towards the city from all around the globe. To enjoy a big five safari experience and malaria free reserves altogether, you must visit the famous national parks that populate the territory of the city.