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Wi-Fi For a Hotel – What to Think About

When planning for installing a Wi-Fi network in a hotel there’s much to be considered. Tread lightly …. it’s not quite as hard as you may think. But it isn’t simple either.

First, the hotel’s Wi-Fi strategy needs to be finalized, and following this you would know where the service needs to be available, if it will be free, if it will be solely used for guest browsing, or if it will also facilitate value added services to the hotel itself …. such as wireless point-of-sale, wireless security, wireless signage, wireless VoIP on the compound, etc. There are a plethora of resources online that you can check for the technicalities of some of these types of equipment – this is not a challenge.

After this, everything begins with an on-site survey to determine the layout of the hotel, and placement of the access points. This should include RF mapping for larger properties (or any property for that matter, since it removes a lot of the guesswork).

Bearing in mind you’re working with a budget, you need to let that budget dictate the type of equipment you’re going to use. From Access points & routers, to POE switches, packet shaping & filtering, to billing & authentication platforms. Or whether you’re going to do it all with a cheap and simple Dlink setup, complete with login ticket printers. There are a multitude of different architectures for these networks.

You will also need to agree upon work schedules with the Hotel Management, because they may not want technicians and engineers visible throughout the compound while guests are enjoying their stay there. This can lengthen or shorten the duration of the project (depending on what Hotel Management decides) and can have direct effects on project cost. All of which needs to be presented to Hotel management in different scenarios.

One of the make-or-break details that often get overlooked is the available bandwidth being piped into the hotel to feed this Wireless network, and depending on the size of the hotel, it needs to be considerable. I’d suggest a minimum of DS3 bandwidth.

Once you’ve done a simple traffic analysis to quantify bandwidth requirements, based on information from the hotel such as average room occupancy percentages throughout the year, you can determine what is required. Once you can get this required bandwidth from a service provider, you’re golden. Whether or not the budget allows, you should always push the Hotel to choose a corporate data package with an service level agreement (SLA) attached to it, so as to guarantee uptime for the guests. This is critical if the hotel has a high percentage of business travellers.

For assistance in finding just the right bandwidth solution … at best price …. I recommend using the free services at Bandwidth Solution.

Once the physical aspects of the network is in place and everything has been neatly tucked away, you need to develop a nice walled garden for the hotel – although this is something the larger hotels normally do, for branding and marketing purposes. However, this is an additional step that needs to be done, whether or not it is your responsibility. This can facilitate something as simple as the logon splash screen, or it can offer more interactivity based on the tech savviness of the hotel.

Finally, this can be as simple or as complex as the hotel and their budget requires, but even in the most complex scenario it really is quite simple and is one of the easier wireless implementations to deploy.

Hotels in Jabalpur

One among the most visiting place in India is Jabalpur. It is located at the center of the state Madhya Pradesh in India. Jabalpur is one of the important and beautiful city in the state. It is situated in the Mahakaushal Region of the State and gets its name from history being the native land of the great Jabali Rishi. There are Major sites of the city that should not be missed by the tourists or visitors, the holy Narmada river flows through the city which is the major drinking water source. There is a multipurpose Bargi Dam Project on this river. Jabalpur is known world over for its Marble Rocks and the Dhuandhar water falls, the tourist site Bhedaghat is also a most beautiful place. The Madan Mahal fort is also located in the city.

The people from all over India come to explore this city. Jabalpur is a big tourist place. Tourists come in huge numbers to visit this city. When you will visit this place you will find that in midnight the shops and hotels are open in this city.

Jabalpur is better known as the beautiful city of India, which sees huge numbers of domestic as well as international travelers every year. This traffic of travelers and tourists is rightly balanced by almost hundreds of hotels in Jabalpur. Here you can find hotels lined up for every budget. You can find the world class luxuries hotels generally suited to international tourists that have every other facility, an international tourist can look forward to.

When you are planning to visit this beautiful city then the first thing comes in the mind is about the staying at that place, after that many questions comes in the mind like ‘where to stay?’, ‘which hotel would be better?’, ‘which hotel will be near to all visiting places?’, ‘in which hotel hospitality would be better?’ and the most important question is ‘the cost of the Hotel’. so you do not have to worry about all these things because this city has a variety of hotels and services which are according to your budget. The luxury hotels in Jabalpur provides finest services including many facilities like air conditioned rooms, swimming pools, health clubs and spas etc. Whereas the Inns and motels are the best places when you are visiting on a tight budget. There are also many pocket saver hotels available which is suitable for your budget.

Now the most important thing comes, that is the booking of Hotels. To book hotels visitors often moves to one hotel to another that does not give you the best result. Booking the hotels online for your visit, vacation or weekend all are easier and more affordable. Online hotel bookings make it easy to select a suitable hotel, and are ideal for both the customer and the hotel management. You can enjoy the convenience and ease of online hotel bookings, as well as the ability to compare prices and features of various hotels. All these things will make your trip to Jabalpur very easy, now you can plan your vacation by just sitting on the chair.