Key Destinations When Moving to Southern Europe

Getting to identify the countries that comprise Southern Europe can be a bit tricky. This is because some of these countries are technically considered as part of Central Europe as well. A good example of this is Austria where Vienna is the premier city and a place where people living abroad have formed various social groups in order to answer their need to belong.

The idea of working abroad and consequently living abroad in Vienna can be a bit daunting for the average expatriate worker, including British expats. This is because Austrians, particularly the Vienesse, are very reserved people; they do not readily welcome foreign workers.

Nevertheless, many expatriates like British expats have come together in Vienna to form many different groups catering to a wide variety of interests. These include book lovers, writers, mountain climbers, museum workers, and many others. The aim of these groups is to make working abroad in this particular city in Southern Europe better and more manageable.

When it comes to medical healthcare, Austria is said to be among the best providers this side of Europe. This is because medical healthcare is extended to both Austrian citizens as well as tourists at no cost to the party involved. Additionally, all expatriates who have found employment in Austria should be enrolled in an expatriate health insurance system where they are expected to make monthly contributions. The amount involved in a given expatriate health insurance in Vienna will normally be based on the salary scale of the expatriate worker involved.

One other country in Southern Europe that many British expats will find inviting is Greece. For starters, the cost of basic commodities here is about 30 percent lower when compared to other countries in Europe. At the same time, however, the average Greek salary is just as low. Still, the equally low rates for social security more than makes up for this, enabling many expatriate workers working abroad in Greece to lead generally comfortable lives.

Unfortunately, when the issue is about medical healthcare, Greece is one of the few countries in Southern Europe which is unable to provide this particular service, even to expatriates. If you have plans of living abroad in Greece, it will definitely be a good idea to consider getting an independent expatriate health insurance to keep you protected.

Despite this grim scenario, Greece is one European nation that welcomes expatriate workers like British expats even if this is not really among their top destinations. This is mainly due to the lack of multinational firms operating in these parts where these expats can easily find employment.